Proto has proudly become renowned for its most comprehensive repertoire of promotional gifts, corporate clothing and display solutions including from best-of-breed global brands and local brands, to value-add items that best fuse quality and affordability.

Founded more than a quarter of a century ago, we have developed solid and symbiotic relationships with all our importers and suppliers. This not only enables us to remain abreast of all the latest international trends, but also empowers us to negotiate prices that make total money sense. Over the years, we have developed such a vast and ever-growing offering, that it is almost impossible to list every item here. So if you cannot find it on our website, we invite you to get in touch, and we will be happy to source it or find the best alternative solution for you.

Combined with an all-encompassing range of branding options, from trusted traditional methods to the latest, most cutting edge techniques, Proto truly presents you with a turnkey promotional and branding solution. Most importantly, regardless of the scale of services you require, we at Proto are both humbled and proud to state that you can count on the fact that it will always be delivered with that boutique touch. And we are confident that any of our clients will be able to attest to exactly that…


With 25+ years of extensive, hands-on experience of the different types of branding, Proto’s specialists are ready and able to guide and advise you on the style of brand- ing that will achieve the effect you aim for, in the most cost-effective manner.

Screen printing.

Screen printing, is a technique in which ink is transferred through a fine mesh screen to create an almost photographic style picture or pattern on a flat surface such as fabric. A squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the openings with ink. A reverse stroke is then applied to touch the material for split seconds, to wet the material with ink, before the screen is removed. One colour is printed at a time, so multiple screens can be used to produce a multicoloured design.

Pad printing – for bespoke branding of almost any item.

Also called ‘tampography’ or ‘stamping,’ pad printing is a process whereby an image is transferred onto an object through a silicone pad. One of the greatest advantages of pad printing is that the pad can virtually almost be produced in any shape, size, or density, which in turn translates into an ability to custom-brand almost any item.

Heat press – for imprinting vinyl or Teflon designs on material.

Heat press or ‘hot press’, is a process that imprints a design or graphic onto a material such as a T-shirt for example, through the consistent application of heat and pressure, for a specific period of time. It is especially effective when you first digitally print a design on a substance such as vinyl or Teflon sheeting, cut it out and then ‘press’ it onto the item you wish to brand.

Embroidery – for detailed branding on woven fabrics and more.

Embroidery is the art of sewing intricate, decorative and detailed patterns on textiles. Because of the volumes that are typically produced for promotional purposes, we make use of machinery to do the embroidery. This type of branding is ideal for apparel, caps and select bags that requires a more complex brand, logo, or image.

Embossing and debossing – for a contemporary, yet sophisticated look.

Embossing and debossing are popular printing techniques that are bound to add a modern, yet elegant twist to a branded item. The key difference is that embossing raises a shape or design from the substance in question which almost creates a 3-D effect, while debossing sinks it into the substance. This type of branding is most often used on packaging and leather items.

Sublimation – a popular option for team branding or corporate gear.

This is a computerised process that imprints a digital design onto a substance, through the heat transfer of dye. This process is especially effective on material such as rugby jerseys, sportswear and corporate clothing.

Domed stickers – 3-D like stickers for products, keyrings or magnets.

Domed stickers or labels, also referred to as ‘bubble stickers,’ are stunning resin- or polyurethane-coated, raised and curved (dome-shaped) labels that create an interest- ing 3-D effect. It is ideal for items such as magnets and keyrings.

Digital printing – for transferring of digital images on almost any substance.

This is a more modern and advanced branding technique, that enables the printing of a digital image through ink transfer via inkjet- or dry toner-based printers. This type of printing can be done on almost any substance such as paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, marble, metal, and many more.


Whether you prefer a face-to-face, a phone call or an online procedure, Proto has pulled out all the stops to ensure that you can select, brand and purchase your promo- tional gifts, corporate clothing and display items – as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible. Below is a snapshot summary of our process, for your convenience.

1. Search

Search through our products or type it in our search box If you can’t find it, you’re welcome to contact us.

2. Select

Simply tick the boxes of the items you wish to obtain a quote for or purchase.

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4. Await contact

When you request a quote, a Proto consultant will get in touch to discuss your specific requirements -ASAP.

5. Pay

If you wish to buy the items in your cart with no branding, simply utilise the online payment options to your avail. For branded options, you’ll have the choice to pay via EFT prior to collection of your order – or you could use a card or cash upon collecting your order.

6. Good to know

• Our consultants are able to offer expert branding advice.
• Branding takes ±7-10 working days from approval of the artwork, subject to product availability.
• Customised products or unusual requests may require a longer lead time, but you’ll be notified in advance.
• Proto will contact you the moment your order is complete and ready for collection or delivery.
• Orders can be collected directly from our offices, at no charge. Or we could arrange for delivery at an additional cost.